Thank you for your interest in the acquisition services of the Commercial Wiz.

When clients use our services, they find us to be direct and concise about our process. Our services are tailored for each of our clients’ needs. There is no “one size fits all investment”, nor should anything be ambiguous when investing in commercial triple net assets. You will find our 5-step process to be thorough and hopefully pain-free, at least for our clients.


Step 1:  Identify your needs

To clearly identify your needs, you will be asked many questions related to your resources and expectations.

Step 2:  Review and sign Buyer’s Representation Agreement

Once we confirm that we can help, you will receive a Buyer’s Representation Agreement that we will walk through and sign. It serves as protection for both parties, and secures me as your commercial broker by solidifying and spelling out the relationship.  It spells out duties owed to the client, along with duties that are owed to the broker.

Step 3:  Identify NNN assets to fit your needs

After you have secured a relationship with the broker, we will identify a list of NNN assets that fit your specific needs. During this process, we will investigate the numbers on the property, such as the leases and income, to ensure that time is not wasted on inaccuracies and/or misrepresentations. This is known as a due diligence report, and is only one aspect of the services that we use to protect your NNN investing interest.

Step 4:  Make an offer

After identifying the property or properties that you wish to place an offer on, we will then gather the appropriate documentation to move forward with an offer. The negotiation phase can be lengthy, so we will keep you informed throughout the process.

Step 5:  Complete due diligence process after offer is accepted

Once the offer has been accepted, you will then complete the due diligence process, which includes inspection, appraisals, lease audits, along with many other verifications.

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