Thank you for your interest in the disposition services of the Commercial Wiz.

Disposing of an asset takes time and research. Finding the right broker to get you the most accurate and up to date information to make a prudent decision is paramount. Communication, market information, and reach are the focuses of the Commercial Wiz.

Once you and your team decide it is time to dispose of an asset, Michael will ask many questions to determine if he can assist. If he can, he and his team will review a tailored strategy that includes valuation, timing, and marketing.

Once all parties have agreed on strategy and to work together, each will sign an Exclusive Listing Agreement. This document will grant Michael the right to actively market the property nationwide and find an investor for your property.

The active marketing process of the Commercial Wiz includes presenting all of the pertinent information in an online and printable brochure. After the brochures have been made there will be thousands of brokers and investors nationwide who receive the listing information. Michael will then personally call brokers and investors who are likely candidates to inform them about the property. Lastly, the properties will be marketed via multiple listing services nationwide.

The key difference in the Commercial Wiz’s marketing strategy is that our process is active, not passive. Marketing is not a “set it and forget it” process, and we take pride in our tailored approach to disposing of assets.

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